Our Philosophy

Teamwork, Leadership & Professionalism are some of the key guiding forces behind the success story of the Ceyline Group. Since its establishment in 1985 as a small shipping agency, Ceyline has had an enviable growth to become the most diversified yet focused leader in the shipping industry in Sri Lanka. Ceyline has taken these values into our International expansion, strategic alliances as well as to expansions into a number of non-marine sectors excelling in all those areas.

Working from the ground up Ceyline has acquired Dedicated Teams of Specialists in all fields of its activity. The staff and the management are constantly motivated to update their knowledge and professional competence to be the best in the industry. Innovation and a job well done are always encouraged and rewarded.

The shared objective, of 'Principal-Agent-Customer' Relationship , in providing a seamless consistent superior service and performance, plays a pivotal role at Ceyline. Through these carefully selected value systems , Ceyline has been able to excel both in its ability to meet the rigorous demands, and individual needs of its principals and customers.

The underlying strategy is logical, fundamentally sound and proven. Expert teams of dedicated staff with accumulated knowledge, experience and success provide the ability to seize opportunities and offer the best of services. The stable financial environment at Ceyline ensures excellent protection of assets entrusted both by its principals and customers. Leading edge technology offers a robust platform for quick and timely access to information and its analysis. Quality assurance systems guarantee consistent superior performance. Excellent corporate offices project a professional image.

Our Commitment

Ceyline brings an unmatched new level of service to all the business sectors we represent in Sri Lanka as well as Internationally. We are committed to offer the best teams of experts in each field, a stable financial environment, leading edge technology, quality assurance systems, excellent facilities and infrastructure. We are committed to adding value to each and every business relationship.

We are confident that our strategies and resources more than meet this challenge, consistently creating value to all stake holders building lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.